Shooting Promotional Video for HVAC Company

Shooting Advertisement Video

Experience Shooting a Video for Heating AC Service Company


Exactly two months ago, we got a call from a local leading heating AC service company that is well known for their quality HVAC services. They wanted us to use our skills and vast experience to shoot a promotional video that would help them generate more sales and compete effectively with their competitors.  Here is how we went about the process of creating the video.


Held Discussions

We were very excited about this project, and immediately agreed to take the project. We sat down with the management team before embarking 0n creating the video and discussing the main highlights that they wanted included in the video. Their marketing manager gave us a number of ingenious ideas that we would incorporate in the video and this greatly helped to grasp the attention of the target audience.


Just like any other video that targets homeowners seeking heating services, we had to accompany their personnel in the field and record the video as they repaired, installed, and even carried out various maintenance practices on air conditioning systems. Honestly, we were thrilled at how they carried out their work, no wonder, their customers love them.


Finally, we sat down again in our boardroom and compiled all the short clips into a five minutes videos. We were keen to include all the major aspects and points that the Heating AC Services company wanted highlighted in the video. Afterwards, we presented the final video to the company and they were very pleased with our work.

One of the benefits of using promotion videos instead of other marketing materials is that they help to generate traffic faster to the main site as well as make it easy to explain to clients what kind of services that the business is offering or the products and how they will benefit them. This is not possible to achieve with the conventional marketing strategies such as social media post and email marketing.

Videos also help to grasp the attention of the viewers more effectively than written material. This has been proven hundreds of times by professional online marketing gurus.

Up to date, the video has helped them to get hundreds of new clients and referrals. No matter the kind of business that you are in to, we can create film for you at an affordable price. Clearly, this is one of the best heating company that you can count on to deliver its promises.

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