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Thanks for visiting our site. My name is Dennis, a professional attorney who specializes in providing legal advice and services to film production companies. I studies at Harvard University and later on joined a leading law firm as an intern. After working with the firm for three months, it decided to establish my own firm whose main objective is to help filmmakers’ common legal tussles. Well, it was not easy during the initial stages to convince customers that I can deliver, but after a few months of working with reputable filmmakers, I managed to gain their trust and build credibility.

So, what is my main objective of creating this site? This is one of the most common question that most people ask whenever I tell them I have a site. My main goal is to help disseminate information about the various laws that govern production of films. Most of the people have limited access to professional legal services due to lack of funds to hire an attorney. Luckily, by visiting this site periodically, you will get free insights on how to manage your film firm and avoid losses that could arise from fines and penalties if you lose cases.

I also aim at doing intensive research and writing white papers that revolve around this field of law. All the facts discussed on this time are accurate and proven. I also network with a number of professional attorneys who also offer similar services to gain more insights on how to improve my services.

Thank you and I look forward to increasing your knowledge about film production law.