Shooting Promotional Video for HVAC Company

Shooting Advertisement Video

January 31, 2016
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Experience Shooting a Video for Heating AC Service Company

Exactly two months ago, we got a call from a local leading heating AC service company that is well known for their quality HVAC services. They wanted us to use our skills and vast experience to shoot a promotional video that would help them generate more sales and compete effectively with their competitors.  Here is how we went about the process of creating the video.


Held Discussions

We were very excited about this project, and immediately agreed to take the project. We sat down with the management team before embarking 0n creating the video and discussing the main highlights that they wanted included in the video. Their marketing manager gave us a number of ingenious ideas that we would incorporate in the video and this greatly helped to grasp the attention of the target audience.


Just like any other video that targets homeowners seeking heating services, we had to accompany their personnel in the field and record the video as they repaired, installed, and even carried out various maintenance practices on air conditioning systems. Honestly, we were thrilled at how they carried out their work, no wonder, their customers love them.


Finally, we sat down again in our boardroom and compiled all the short clips into a five minutes videos. We were keen to include all the major aspects and points that the Heating AC Services company wanted highlighted in the video. Afterwards, we presented the final video to the company and they were very pleased with our work.

One of the benefits of using promotion videos instead of other marketing materials is that they help to generate traffic faster to the main site as well as make it easy to explain to clients what kind of services that the business is offering or the products and how they will benefit them. This is not possible to achieve with the conventional marketing strategies such as social media post and email marketing.

Videos also help to grasp the attention of the viewers more effectively than written material. This has been proven hundreds of times by professional online marketing gurus.

Up to date, the video has helped them to get hundreds of new clients and referrals. No matter the kind of business that you are in to, we can create film for you at an affordable price. Clearly, this is one of the best heating company that you can count on to deliver its promises.

January 30, 2016
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Additional Tips for Working with a Film Production Lawyer

The film production lawyer is vital in the process of film production. Besides selecting a good entertainment attorney, you need to have a good working relationship with your attorney to take full advantage of the legal guidance.

Here are the tips for working with a film production attorney.


Provide Clear Details

For you to gain from having an entertainment attorney, you need to communicate all details regarding the movie clearly. This enables you to enjoy precise legal counsel that prevents any complications in the shooting process. It also creates a mutual understanding with the attorney and motivates the lawyer to provide the best legal guidance. Concealing information is problematic as you might get incorrect legal advice.

Make Timely Payments

Typically, entertainment lawyers levy fees on an installment basis. You ought to pay the agreed amount on time to avoid frustrating the attorney. Ensure that you understand the conditions regarding the total legal fees and the payment plan proposed by the attorney. Failure to pay on time causes disagreements, and the attorney may terminate the contract.

Maintain Communication

Communicating directly and regularly with your entertainment attorney keeps you and the lawyer up-to-date. Maintaining communication with your attorney enables you to solve problems in advance that save you the inconvenience of unexpected challenges. You should hire an attorney working close to the film production site.

To be on the winning side, you need to pay on time and communicate transparently and directly with your film production attorney.




January 29, 2016
by film

Getting a Good Film Production Attorney in 2016


A film production attorney or an entertainment attorney plays a vital role in the production of a movie. The attorney ensures that the shooting of the film is in accordance with the legal requirements, which you may be unaware of. Proper selection of a film production attorney guarantees quality legal guidance and gives you value for your money.

Here are the tips for selecting a film attorney.

film production

Consider the Experience of the Attorney

Similar to all professions, the experience is essential for an entertainment attorney. You need to ensure that the attorney is reliable to avoid legal complications when shooting the film or renewing shooting permits. Before selecting the attorney, ask how long they have been in practice. This aids you in selecting a competent and reliable entertainment attorney. It also saves you from extortion from inexperienced attorneys.

Review their Accreditation

Film production attorneys need to be accredited to practice in a particular location. You need to ensure that the attorney is certified to provide legal guidance in the jurisdiction that you intend to shoot the film. Request the attorney for the license before signing the contract of engagement to avoid subsequent complications.


To make an economically viable film, you ought to consider the legal fees charged by the attorney. Selecting a cost-efficient legal service prevents you from potential financial difficulties that may disrupt the production process.

Before appointing an entertainment attorney, consider the experience, fees, and accreditation of the attorney to maximize your value for money.

January 20, 2016
by film

Tips to Saving Money on Film Production

Film production can be expensive or cheap, it all depends on how you plan to shoot the various scenes. Before we proceed, it is imperative to note that you need to have a team of professionals on your side in order to come up with a film that your audience will relate with. More importantly, you need to have a professional lawyer to hold your hand and guide you along the way.

Here are some tips on how to reduce your expenditure when making a film.

save money

Hire Equipment

Most of the top quality film production equipment is very expensive and unaffordable to new filmmakers. You can save money by hiring them instead of purchasing your own. Doing this will also, help you to reduce the risks, as you cannot predict the response that you will get from the viewers.

Reduce the Shooting Time

This is a no brainer if you have taken one or two courses in film production. A film that extends for three hours is most likely to cost you more than a one hour film. Hence, it is recommendable to come up with ways of reducing the scenes. For instance, consider the relevance of some of the scenes, if they are not relevant, delete them or shorten them to only cover the most important aspects.

Finally, consider adding a few volunteers to reduce your wage bill. You will be surprised by the number of people who are willing to appear in your movie for free just to get the exposure.

January 19, 2016
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Apart from a Good Film lawyer, what else you need to do to make a Good Film

To make a good film, you need to have a reliable film or entertainment lawyer but also the skills and experience required to make informed decision before, during, and after the filming process. Here are some of the things that are required to make a good movie.

shooting movie

Advanced Equipment

To make a good movie, you need a high definition camera and superior sound recording systems. These can be purchased online or in offline stores. But before you go shopping, it is imperative to do your research to find one that is affordable and in line with your film production needs.

Consider the Locations

Obviously, you will need to shoot different episodes in different locations that match the storyline. Hence, it is imperative to list all the available locations and write them down. You do not have to pay high fees to access some high-end locations, Primer movie proved that even the most mundane locations can add value to a film.

Do Not Try the Impossible

If you are not a tight budget, obviously, there are some locations or sites that you will not be able to access due to the cost. It is recommendable to embrace such limitations and work with the resources that you have. Otherwise, you might end up spending hundreds of dollars that you had not included in your budget.

Finally, hire professional actors and film makers. The modern audience is not easily fooled, they can tell a fake move or inexperienced actor from a mile away.

January 18, 2016
by film

Technology that a Film Production Attorney Can Use to Improve Service Delivery

Film production is one of the most sort after legal divisions in the world today due to the increasing number of films that are been developed. As a legal expert in this niche, there are ways that you can use to communicate effectively with the target audience. They include;

Social Media

social media

There are millions of active social media users from all across the globe. Unknown to most attorneys is that they can use these platforms to market their services. All you need to do is open a free page under your professional name or the name of your firm and invite people to like and share your posts. To get massive following, strive to offer information that most people do not know.

Get a Modern Website

Did you know that you could use the internet to market your services without spending a fortune? The first step that you need to take is create a modern website that is search engine optimized. You do not have to do all the hard work personally, hire a SEO company to do it for you so as to save on time and money.

Finally, you can engage a mobile app developer to create an app for your customers. Once it is up and running, use it to disseminate information and send messages to clients directly. This will save you and the customer money that would have been spent driving to your premises. Indeed, it is possible to reach more clients by using technology. Take a bold step and embrace the above tips to reap maximum profits.

January 17, 2016
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The Roles of a Film Production Attorney


Hiring a film production attorney is of high essence if you want to have a smooth film production process. Most of the companies do not know the main roles of this attorney. Before we proceed, it is important to point out that they are also referred to as entertainment attorneys.


Here are the primary roles of a film attorney.

Writing Record Contract

If you are just starting out into this industry, you might have a problem coming up with a contract with your sponsor and actors. Hence, there is a need to involve an attorney to help you write the contract document and check to ensure that it is in line with the stipulated guidelines. Doing this will make the contract a legally abiding document that can be produced in a court of law as evidence.

Representation in Court

Time is one of the assets that you need to manage well when shooting a film. Court cases can derail the process and lead to losses especially if you have already promised your fans that you will release the movie on a particular date. Luckily, if you have an attorney, he can represent you in court as you continue shooting the movie. This will help you to achieve your goals and objectives stress free.

Finally, an attorney will intervene and ensure that you are compensated well for any infringements. It is not possible to do this on your own. For instance, the best have the ability to engage the jury effectively and come out of the negotiation room with the most ideal outcome to your case.




January 16, 2016
by film

Questions to Ask your Select Film Attorney

Having a film attorney on your side will cushion from most of the things that can go wrong when shooting the film such as renewing permits. However, you need to hire the best to get value for your money. Here are some questions that you should ask to make an intelligent decision.


How long have you been operating?

The number of years that the attorney has been operating can help you to know if he is reliable and has the experience required to offer a comprehensive legal service. The best attorneys have years of experience, so the answer to this question will help you to know if your preferred legal expert suits this description.

Are your Legally Accredited?

Only accredited attorneys are allowed to operate in a given region. To be on the safe side, you need to hire an attorney who is legally accredited. For instance, request to see the license or work permit before signing the deal or making your ultimate decision. You can also carry out your own independent research to avoid any inconveniences later on.

What are your charges?

You need to include the legal fees in your film production budget. Otherwise, you will end up plunging your film production firm into financial turmoil. Make sure that you understand the fees before your engagement to avoid any regrets during the film production stages. You will be required to sign an agreement document, read it fully to know if its suits your preferences.

Finally, ask for referrals to get an in-depth and unbiased review. Once you have all the information, choosing the right one will not be a major challenge.

January 15, 2016
by film

Tips for Working with a Film Production Lawyer

Be on the winning side by having a professional film production lawyer on your side. They have the skills and expertise required to solve common issues that arise during the film production process. Here are some tips on how to work with a film production lawyer diligently.


This is one of the personal attributes that you need if you do not have it yet. Lawyers hate working with film production companies that are not transparent. Hence, you need to be open and give clear details of your film to help them offer the best service.

Pay on Time

Of course, the lawyer or law firm will charge you a certain percentage after completion of the services. It is imperative to get a clear understanding of the total cost of hiring the lawyer to make the necessary plans. More importantly, you need to pay on time to avoid any disagreements down the road.



Communication is crucial if you want to work well with the lawyer. Hence, you need to remain in direct contact with the lawyer at least once or twice per week. Do not wait until something comes up to contact him as it might be too late to solve the issue. It is also recommendable to hire a lawyer whose office is located close to your residential or workplace to save time.

These are some of the primal things that you need to do in order to get the most from your lawyer. Do not shy away from asking for guidance to avoid some of the common mistakes that film production companies make.



January 14, 2016
by film

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Film Production Lawyer

When preparing to film a movie or a documentary, it is imperative to hire an attorney to help you plan well. There are a number of legal obligations that you have to meet lest you end up in court paying hefty penalties or spending time behind bars. Today, we look at three factors that need to consider when choosing a lawyer.

film production


The best attorneys in the film production industry have years of experience. More importantly, they have an in-depth understand of the legal parameters that come with film production. Hence, you should hire one who has been in business for at least three years to get the best legal services.


All attorneys are required to apply for a working license and permit from the regulatory bodies. Only those that meet the set standards are issued with certification documents. Choosing a licensed attorney is the way to go if you want the film production process to be devoid of any huddles. Request to the see the document to be sure that they are licensed before signing the agreement.

Legal Fees

Shooting a whole movie is very expensive bearing in mind that you are actually taking a risk, as you do not know the response you will get after releasing it to the market. It is wise to come up with ways of reducing your operating costs to protect yourself from going bankrupt. Take a close look at the legal fees that you will pay the attorney to know if they are in line with your budget.

Choosing a film production attorney is not complex, take time to consider the above factors to make the right decision.